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align topics with ros topics

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{ {
"joints": [ "joints": [
{"name": "Joint0", "topic": "panda_link_0"}, {"name": "Joint0", "topic": "panda::panda_link0"},
{"name": "Joint1", "topic": "panda_link_1"}, {"name": "Joint1", "topic": "panda::panda_link1"},
{"name": "Joint2", "topic": "panda_link_2"}, {"name": "Joint2", "topic": "panda::panda_link2"},
{"name": "Joint3", "topic": "panda_link_3"}, {"name": "Joint3", "topic": "panda::panda_link3"},
{"name": "Joint4", "topic": "panda_link_4"}, {"name": "Joint4", "topic": "panda::panda_link4"},
{"name": "Joint5", "topic": "panda_link_5"}, {"name": "Joint5", "topic": "panda::panda_link5"},
{"name": "Joint6", "topic": "panda_link_6"}, {"name": "Joint6", "topic": "panda::panda_link6"},
{"name": "EndEffector", "topic": "panda_link_7", "isEndEffector": true}, {"name": "EndEffector", "topic": "panda::panda_link7", "isEndEffector": true},
{"name": "LeftFinger", "topic": "panda_link_8"}, {"name": "LeftFinger", "topic": "panda::panda_leftfinger"},
{"name": "RightFinger", "topic": "panda_link_9"} {"name": "RightFinger", "topic": "panda::panda_rightfinger"}
], ],
"robotConfigTopic": "robotconfig", "robotConfigTopic": "robotconfig",
"dataConfigTopic": "dataconfig" "dataConfigTopic": "dataconfig"
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