Commit 07ad59f4 authored by Immanuel Löwenstein's avatar Immanuel Löwenstein
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[GazeboObjectInfo] Bugfix for volume bounding box of unknown shapes

parent c50cdcfc
......@@ -150,7 +150,7 @@ shape_msgs::SolidPrimitive * GazeboObjectInfo::getSolidPrimitive(physics::Collis
ROS_WARN("shape type %i of collision %s not supported. Using bounding box instead. ", c->GetShapeType(),c->GetName().c_str());
math::Box box=c->GetBoundingBox();
math::Vector3 bb (box.GetXLength(),box.GetXLength(),box.GetXLength());
math::Vector3 bb (box.GetXLength(),box.GetYLength(),box.GetZLength());
if ((bb.x < 1e-05) || (bb.y < 1e-05) || (bb.z < 1e-05)){
ROS_WARN_ONCE("Skipping coll %s because its bounding box is flat",c->GetName().c_str());
return NULL;
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