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# RelAST Preprocessor
Run preprocessor on train benchmark (output written to standard output)
Run preprocessor on train benchmark (output written to standard output):
$ ant jar
$ cat examples/TrainBenchmark.relast
$ java -jar relast-compiler.jar examples/TrainBenchmark.relast
Run preprocessor and write to files
Run preprocessor and write output to files:
$ java -jar relast-compiler.jar examples/TrainBenchmark.relast --file
$ cat examples/TrainBenchmarkGen.ast
$ cat examples/TrainBenchmarkGen.jadd
Run test cases
Run test cases:
$ cd test
$ make
\ No newline at end of file
$ make
Supported relations:
// Directed relations
A.b -> B;
A.b? -> B;* -> B;
// Bidirectional relations
A.b <-> B.a;
A.b <-> B.a?;
A.b <->*;
A.b? <-> B.a;
A.b? <-> B.a?;
A.b? <->*;* <-> B.a;* <-> B.a?;* <->*;
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