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......@@ -12,3 +13,4 @@ src/test/jastadd/*/*.ast
- build
- build
- test
- jar
image: openjdk:8
stage: build
- ./gradlew --no-daemon build
- ./gradlew --console=plain --build-cache assemble
policy: push
- build
- .gradle
image: openjdk:8
stage: test
- ./gradlew --continue --console=plain --info check
policy: pull
- build
- .gradle
image: openjdk:8
stage: jar
- ./gradlew --continue --console=plain --info jar
policy: pull
- build
- .gradle
- "/builds/jastadd/*/build/libs/*relast*.jar"
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
To propose a new feature, or to report a bug, first [create an issue][create-issue] and add labels accordingly.
Working on such issues is done by creating a merge request from the issue page, which 1) creates a new branch to work on, and 2) creates a new WIP merge request for the new branch.
Once done (and new tests are written to ensure, a bug is really fixed, and the feature does the right thing), the merge request will be accepted and merged into `master`.
Once done (and new tests are written to ensure, a bug is really fixed, and the feature does the right thing), the merge request will be accepted and merged into `develop`.
# Creating normal test cases
......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ Aside from the [normal tests](#creating-normal-test-cases), there are some speci
## Negative parser tests
To check, errors are found and contain the correct messages, one test [`Errors`](/../blob/master/src/test/java/org/jastadd/relast/tests/ is used.
To check, errors are found and contain the correct messages, one test [`Errors`][] is used.
Here, the RelAST compiler is invoked manually, and the actual error messages are compared to expected ones for each grammar in `src/test/jastadd/errors`.
The expected messages can contain the special word `$FILENAME` to refer to the filename of the grammar, if there is only one, or `$FILENAME1`, `$FILENAME2` etc., if there are many.
Furthermore, empty lines, lines starting with `//` and the order of the error messages are ignored.
......@@ -74,12 +74,35 @@ Currently, there is one test to test whether the output of RelAST is a valid inp
To achieve this, there are two Gradle tasks. The first produces the usual `.ast` and `.jadd` files, whereas the second task takes the `.ast` as input.
The test then ensures, that both output grammars are identical.
# Publishing
To publish a new version, the following needs to be done:
1) Create a new annotated tag with an appropriate version number increase (major, minor, patch) described in [semantic versioning](
2) If not already present, create a new file `` with two entries `repoUser` and `repoPassword` for our Nexus repository.
3) Run `./gradlew publish -PwithNewVersion` (maybe also adding ` -PasSnapshot` to create a SNAPSHOT release)
# Releases and Publishing (Maintainer only)
Important information:
- Currently, we are publishing to a private Nexus Maven repository only.
- We are using [git-flow][git-flow], so only new merge requests are considered for releases to appear in the `master` branch.
- The version is set in the configuration file [][].
The workflow:
1) Finish your work with the current feature(s) and merge those back in `develop`.
1) Choose a new version number `$nextVersion` depending on the introduced changes **following [semantic versioning][semantic-versioning]**.
1) Create a new release branch named `release/$nextVersion` and switch to this branch.
1) Set the version number in the config file calling `./gradlew newVersion -Pvalue=$nextVersion`
1) Commit this change.
1) (Optional) Build a new jar file calling `./gradlew jar` (this is automatically called in the publish step and only used to test the newly set version number)
1) Check, if everything works as planned, e.g., version number is picked up when running the application with `--version`, and all test succeed.
1) Merge the release branch into `master` (using a merge request) and also back into `develop`.
1) Delete the release branch.
1) [Create a new release][create-release]. Choose the following:
- *Tag name*: the chosen version number
- *Create from*: leave the default `master`
- *Message*: "Version " and the chose version number
- *Release notes*: list the (important) changes compared to the last release, prepend a link to the built jar using the line `[:floppy_disk: publish-relast-poc-$nextVersion.jar](/../../../-/jobs/$jobNumber/artifacts/raw/build/libs/publish-relast-poc-$nextVersion.jar?inline=false)` replacing `$jobNumber` with the `jar` job of the pipeline run after the merge request, and `$nextVersion`
1) Publish the built jar to the maven repository calling `./gradlew publish`
[]: /../blob/master/src/test/java/org/jastadd/relast/tests/
[]: /../-/blob/master/src/main/resources/
[create-release]: /../-/tags/new
......@@ -14,6 +14,9 @@ repositories {
group = 'org.jastadd'
apply plugin: 'maven-publish'
buildscript {
dependencies {
......@@ -43,6 +46,25 @@ sourceSets {
def versionFile = 'src/main/resources/'
def oldProps = new Properties()
try {
file(versionFile).withInputStream { stream -> oldProps.load(stream) }
version = oldProps['version']
} catch (e) {
// this happens, if either the properties file is not present, or cannot be read from
throw new GradleException("File ${versionFile} not found or unreadable. Aborting.")
task newVersion() {
doFirst {
def props = new Properties()
props['version'] = value, null)
jar {
manifest {
attributes "Main-Class": 'org.jastadd.relast.compiler.Compiler'
......@@ -110,46 +132,27 @@ jastadd {
jastaddOptions = ["--lineColumnNumbers", "--safeLazy", "--visitCheck=true", "--rewrite=cnta", "--cache=all"]
def versionFile = 'src/main/resources/'
task updateVersion {
/* version string handling adapted from
written by Jesper Öqvist <> */
group 'build'
description 'Updates the version file for RelAST'
doLast {
def oldProps = new Properties()
String oldFullVersion, fullVersion
try {
file(versionFile).withInputStream { stream -> oldProps.load(stream) }
oldFullVersion = oldProps['version']
} catch (ignored) {
oldFullVersion = "???"
publishing {
publications {
maven(MavenPublication) {
artifact("build/libs/relast-${version}.jar") {
extension 'jar'
try {
def proc = 'git describe'.execute(null, rootDir)
if (proc.waitFor() == 0) {
fullVersion = proc.text.trim()
if (hasProperty('withNewVersion')) {
// Trim to get latest tag:
version = (fullVersion =~ /-\d+\-g.+$/).replaceAll('')
if (oldFullVersion != fullVersion) {
def props = new Properties()
props['version'] = fullVersion, null)
} else {
logger.warn('No git tags found.')
repositories {
maven {
name 'nexus'
url "" + (project.hasProperty('asSnapshot') ? "maven-snapshots" : "maven-releases/")
credentials {
} catch (IOException e) {
logger.warn("Failded to run git describe (${e.getMessage()}).")
processResources.dependsOn updateVersion
publish.dependsOn jar
task firstRelationsRun(type: RelastTest) {
relastFiles 'src/test/jastadd/relations/Relations.relast'
......@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@ public class Compiler {
private FlagOption optionResolverHelper;
private FlagOption optionUseJastaddNames;
private FlagOption optionQuiet;
private FlagOption optionVersion;
private CommandLine commandLine;
public Compiler(String[] args) throws CommandLineException {
......@@ -32,6 +33,11 @@ public class Compiler {
commandLine = new CommandLine(options);
if (optionVersion.isSet()) {
printMessage("Running RelAST " + readVersion());
if (commandLine.getArguments().size() < 1) {
......@@ -136,7 +142,7 @@ public class Compiler {
private String readVersion() {
try {
ResourceBundle resources = ResourceBundle.getBundle("Version");
ResourceBundle resources = ResourceBundle.getBundle("RelASTVersion");
return resources.getString("version");
} catch (MissingResourceException e) {
return "version ?";
......@@ -179,6 +185,7 @@ public class Compiler {
optionUseJastaddNames = addOption(new FlagOption("useJastAddNames", "generate names in the form of addX, removeX and setX. If omitted, the default, original naming scheme resulting in addToX, removeFromX and setX will be used."));
optionSerializer = addOption(new EnumOption("serializer", "generate a (de-)serializer", Arrays.asList("jackson", "jackson-json-pointer", "jackson-manual-references"), "jackson"));
optionQuiet = addOption(new FlagOption("quiet", "do not output anything on stdout"));
optionVersion = addOption(new FlagOption("version", "print version and exit"));
private <OptionType extends Option<?>> OptionType addOption(OptionType option) {
#Thu Jan 16 09:42:49 CET 2020
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