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try to get test ci reports

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...@@ -32,9 +32,14 @@ test: ...@@ -32,9 +32,14 @@ test:
alias: "mqtt" alias: "mqtt"
script: script:
- ./gradlew --console=plain --no-daemon allTests - ./gradlew --console=plain --no-daemon allTests
- ls -lh
- ls -lh ragconnect.tests
- ls -lh ragconnect.tests/build/test-results/
- ls -lh ragconnect.tests/build/test-results/allTests
artifacts: artifacts:
when: always
reports: reports:
junit: "ragconnect.tests/build/test-results/test/**/TEST-*.xml" junit: "ragconnect.tests/build/test-results/**/TEST-*.xml"
expire_in: 1 week expire_in: 1 week
publish: publish:
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