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Integration of Learner

René Schöne requested to merge learner into dev


  • Fixed pattern to parse datetime coming from openHAB.
  • add benchmark
  • Create RecognitionEvents in component Plan.
  • Add expression printing and fix expression tests.
  • Fixing tests.
  • Remove build artefacts of datasets module.
  • Fixing item behavior.
  • Fix bug when adding item using REST API.
    • More debug output for REST application and MQTT receiver
    • Flush cache if new MQTT Host is set
  • first integration for test
  • update integration activity ML
  • add item room_brightness
  • add ML Items in starter file
  • fix import error
  • update newData function
  • Fix Learner bugs.
    • Let ExternalMachineLearningModel.check() return true instead of throwing an exception
    • In Learner, use temporary files to store encog model
    • In MachineLearningImpl, do not use result for now (as newData won't work at the moment)
    • Minor fixes for base (add logger, add correct input to jastadd gradle task)
  • Progressing to integration of machine learning.
    • Added setKnowledgeBase to MachineLearningEncoder and -Decoder, and removed Root argument in other methods
    • Changed Learner-Impl to match new adapters
    • Updated starter to new adapters, and to use CSV files for initialization of learner
  • update readercsv
  • Fix imports and dependencies.
  • Fix errors with changed MachineLearningEncoder interface.
  • upate learner
  • add ML interfaces
  • implement decode encode
  • learner with activity and preference

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