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recursive again, but with relative urls for submodules

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variables: variables:
stages: stages:
- build - build
[submodule "relast-preprocessor"] [submodule "relast-preprocessor"]
path = relast-preprocessor path = relast-preprocessor
url = url = ../../jastadd/relast-preprocessor.git
branch = jastadd-fix-inc-param-debug branch = jastadd-fix-inc-param-debug
[submodule "ragconnect.base/src/main/jastadd/mustache"] [submodule "ragconnect.base/src/main/jastadd/mustache"]
path = ragconnect.base/src/main/jastadd/mustache path = ragconnect.base/src/main/jastadd/mustache
url = url = ../../jastadd/mustache.git
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